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UK Youth Parliament Elections 2022

Wakefield Council’s Youth Work Team are now accepting nominations from candidates wishing to stand in the 2022 UK Youth Parliament elections.


Our Youth Workers are approaching schools asking for nominations to be submitted, this means students who are participating in their School Council or someone who has been voted to stand by the School Council.


Below you will find our information leaflets (blue downloads) so you can find out more about the elections, you may also find some useful information on the British Youth Council website.


To help YOU decide if you want to be a candidate in 2022 we asked some of our previous UKYP members about their experiences.

To become a candidate you will need to complete the UKYP election nomination forms (pink downloads).  Nomination forms need to be signed by your Teacher (or staff member from the Wakefield Youth Council) and return them to us by 5pm on Wednesday 12 January 2022.


If you require any further information please ring the UKYP staff on 01924 302665.